What are the frequently asked questions?

Here are the frequently asked questions below.

How does AstraFAX web faxing services work?
AstraFAX provides you with an avenue to send and receive faxes on the web from anywhere around the world without having to own a physical fax machine and phone line. Essentially it's a one-stop portal that allows you to manage both the fax documents and fax transmissions from the comforts of your desk.
What are the minimum requirements to sign up for an AstraFAX account?
You will need a valid email account and access to the Internet with any modern day browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer to send faxes from AstraFAX's console or any modern day email client such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook to send faxes via email.
What are the available fax service plans?
You may refer to our Plans & Pricing page for additional details.
What are the available payment options?
We currently accept payments via cheque, bank transfers and cash deposits.
How soon will my account be activated?
Accounts are usually activated within one business day after we've received confirmation of payment clearance.
Do I need to commit to a long term contract?
Absolutely not however we have plans that offers significant discounts when you subscribe to a longer tenure.
Can I retain my existing fax number for use with AstraFAX?
Unfortunately no as number portability for landlines are not implemented in Malaysia therefore a designated fax number from our pool will be assigned to you.
Who can I send faxes to with AstraFAX?
You may send faxes to anyone in the world that has access to a fax machine.
Who can I receive faxes from with AstraFAX?
You may receive faxes from anyone in the world that has access to a fax machine.
What are the security measures implemented to safeguard our fax documents?
All fax documents are stored and encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).
What are the security measures implemented to safeguard our personal data and privacy?
All communication channels between end-users and servers are secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL)[1] and/or Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocols to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
How long will my faxes be stored?
Your faxes will be stored for up to a year and after which any faxes older than a year will be purged automatically.
Do you provide an evaluation or trial period for AstraFAX?
If you're interested in giving AstraFAX a test run, just drop us an email and we'll get in touch to work out the arrangements with you.
  1. SSL support has been deprecated from AstraFAX due to security concerns posed by the likes of POODLE. [1]