What features do I get when I sign up?

Here are the list of features and functionalities that you'll get.

Dedicated Fax Number

Depending on your subscription plan, each subscriber may be assigned an individually unique fax number which can then be shared with your customers, vendors and suppliers and when a fax is transmitted to the given number, you'll receive a copy of the fax in your account and as well as your mailbox.

Send Faxes Via Email/Web Application

There are two options available to send your faxes; from your web browser, login, compose, attach and send via the AstraFAX web application or compose, attach and send from your email client and AstraFAX will handle the rest; the latter being the most popular option.

Send Faxes To Single/Multi Recipient

Without the limitation imposed by a typical fax machine setup, you may now leverage of our infrastructure to send faxes to multiple recipients faster than ever.

Delivery Confirmation Alerts

Receive delivery confirmation alerts via email when you successfully receive a fax or when you either successfully or unsuccessfully send a fax.

Automatic Delivery Retries

If outgoing fax attempt fails with a busy or no answer error, we'll automatically reattempt the delivery up to a total of 2 times which gives you a combined total of 3 attempts for each fax you send.

Scheduled Delivery

Subscribers will have the ability to schedule outgoing faxes to be transmitted at a pre-designated time and date.

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